More than a motor.
Actually, a lot more.

Engineered for dominance with rugged design and cutting-edge features. Our system ensures superior performance. Experience powerful propulsion and unparalleled efficiency. Dominate the seas with OCEAN ONE – where adventure meets innovation.

Perfect control when it's most needed

Steerable propeller

Designed to make turning seamless, improving boat maneuverability. Whether sailing backward or navigating tight ports, it puts you firmly in control of your vessel. Plus, it operates quietly and with minimal vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable sailing experience.

charging while sailing


Innovative hydrogeneration technology, enabling you to generate power while you sail. Our specially designed propeller can effortlessly recharge your batteries as you glide through the water. Plus, with the option to sail with the propeller folded, you’ll enjoy minimal resistance and optimal aerodynamic propulsion.

Robust energy storage

Long range

Tap into cutting-edge electric propulsion technology to unlock extended-range capabilities. By leveraging advanced electric propulsion technology, the system provides extended-range capabilities with high-capacity energy storage based on LFP chemistry. This not only amps up the thrill of exploration with added freedom in charting your course but also boosts efficiency by slashing downtime. Plus, with fewer charging needs, we’re championing a greener, more sustainable approach to navigating the seas.

it's all in your pocket

One app for everything

OCEAN ONE is, modestly speaking, a cutting-edge and remarkably complex advancement in sailing. Yet, you’ll never notice it, as we’ve wrapped everything up in a beautiful app that makes it all feel like the most natural thing in the world.
Just as sailing should feel.

predictability made simple

Artificial Intelligence

Seamlessly integrated AI optimize your sailing performance by analyzing real-time environmental conditions, vessel dynamics, and your unique preferences. With the ability to learn from historical data, AI continuously refines its decision-making processes. The result? Safer and more sustainable sailing experiences that adapt to your needs and the ever-changing conditions of the sea.

Built to last, built to go the distance

Low maintenance

Benefit from the simplicity and reliability of the system, revolutionizing your maritime journeys. With its minimal wearing parts, the system demands little to no maintenance, freeing you from frequent service checks. Enjoy peace of mind with just a service one check every five years, leaving behind the hassle of refueling and the chore of filter and oil changes.